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ImuPro Complete 270 + Histamine Intolerance Test

The ImuPro Bundle give you both the ImuPro Complete 270 & the Histamine Intolerance test together in one product at a reduced price.

ImuPro Complete 270
The ImuPro Complete could help you pinpoint your food intolerances, by testing 270 individual foods – the most comprehensive IgG test on the market. The symptoms of IgG mediated food intolerance (food allergy Type 3) are not instant but delayed, appearing hours or even up to three days after the consumption of a trigger food.

Histamine Intolerance test:

The DAO (Histamine Intolerance) Test measures the level of the enzyme diamine oxidase (DAO) in your blood serum in order to determine if you are able to adequately break down histamine or not. Histamine intolerance can lead to allergic-type reactions after consumption of certain foodstuffs containing high histamine content such as wine, cheese, chocolate and many more. The Histamine Intolerance test is $165 but in this bundle you will get it for $150!

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$945.00 AUD

With your test, you will receive:
  • 1

    A combined comprehensive report with accurate results at a glance detailing which individual foods should be reduced or eliminated due to histamines or IgG mediated food intolerance.

  • 2

    You will receive personal nutritional guidelines which lead you through your change in diet.

  • 3

    Your results pack also includes a recipe booklet which is specifically tailored to your non-IgG reactive foods.

  • 4

    If DAO deficiency is present, a low-histamine diet with possible enzyme supplementation would be recommended (DAO enzyme supplements not provided by ImuPro).

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