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Based on your answers we suggest any of the following tests. They will help you to uncover any foods that may be affecting you. The higher the test number, the more comprehensive the test. If you're still unsure about which test is most suitable for you, feel free to give us a call now on (02) 9261 0688.

What people who have taken an ImuPro test say

  • "life has become so much easier and enjoyable"

    Thanks so much for my results. They answer so many questions. I have eliminated the elevated and highly elevated foods from my diet over the past few weeks and have found a marked difference. I have been suffering with lower gut pains for years and it is so nice to finally understand why. My gut pains have gone, along with joint pain and flu-like symptoms. My neuropathic pain has also reduced a great deal. I cannot tell you how much better I feel and how grateful I am for the results.

    Jenny Marshall, Mount Gambier SA
  • "impressed by comprehensive result"

    I was delighted to receive my results from Imupro recently. I was very impressed by the comprehensive nature of the analysis. As a practicing G.P. ordering pathology tests all the time, one expects a brief set of figures with very little in the way of discussion. This is not the case however with Imupro.

    Dr Nicholas J Barker
  • "Never Felt Better"

    Glenda (62 years old) suffered from Diabetes Type 2, taking daily medication for her illness. For most of her adult life she was a regular size 12, but around 10 years ago she begun suffering from severe bloating – some mornings she would have breakfast and by 10am had ballooned to a size 22 around the stomach.

    Glenda Stott, Northern NSW
  • "Very Happy"

    Nik (40 years old) had been suffering severe diarrhoea attacks for the last 6 years. Although he thought it must have been something he was eating he was never sure of the offending food. Nik often woke up bloated in the morning and would attribute that to just overeating. However, even when he cut down on his food intake he still found the same symptoms.

    Nik Apostolou, Melbourne VIC
  • "Can’t Believe the Change"

    Michelle (27 years old) is a young mother with one child. She had been suffering from constant bloating after eating, and a general feeling of tiredness. Michelle was often told that it was probably her busy lifestyle contributing to her lack of energy, but she always felt that her food and diet must somehow be a contributing factor.

    Michelle McLean, Sydney NSW
  • "It’s so simple"

    Monica (81 years old, retired) had put on a lot of weight and was lacking energy, often finding it difficult to get out of bed in the mornings; she also suffered from severe bloating.

    Monica Goyen, Sydney NSW
  • "Difficult at first but worth it"

    Vivienne (58 years old) suffered from fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, muscular pain and bloating for many years. There was no medication that Vivienne was able to respond to and gradually her symptoms got worse. Her doctors described her condition as a result of depression.

    Vivienne Lowther, Auckland NZ
  • "Incredibly valuable"

    I have been recommending your service since having been tested through ImuPro early in 2014. After 10 years of working through food intolerances these test results not only gave me important answers as to what foods I’m intolerant too, but most importantly what was the underlying cause. An answer that GP’s, a Dietician and a Gastrologist couldn’t tell me after years of testing.

    Toni McCann, South Yarra VIC
  • "Changed my life"

    Over the last few years I had been suffering from what seemed like a reaction to environmental pollens and grasses. I displayed allergy symptoms of running eyes, sinus, recurring throat and chest infections. Along with this I kept putting on weight with fluctuations of up to 2kgs in a 24 hour period. Despite numerous visits to Immunologists and ENT Specialists and many doses of antibiotics the situation did not improve, i.e. treating the symptoms not the cause.

    Ross O’Brien, Auckland NZ
  • "Wish we’d found ImuPro earlier"

    Recently, I contacted you in the faint hope that you might be able to help with the very severe allergic reaction/rash of my wife Jan, to certain substances, accompanied by incredible itching over most of the body. Recently there has been no sleep on most nights and we were at the desperation stage…

    John and Jan Dods, VIC
  • "ImuPro contributed to my sporting success"

    I constantly aim at improving my performance in the pool. Two years ago, I thought that changing my not-so-healthy-nutrition could help. Plus, I often suffered from stomach cramps after training sessions. Somebody recommended ImuPro to me, the test for IgG food allergy.

    Marco Koch, Swimmer, Gold Medalist, Germany

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