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Walk through your ImuPro results with our Bachelor qualified In-House Naturopath.

Our resident expert can take you through each finding on your food allergy report and set you up for success by ensuring you understand each step of the ImuPro concept (Elimination, Provocation, Stabilisation).

Hannah can answer your questions one on one, formulate a plan with you to integrate your results into a functioning, workable day to day routine.

After placing your order, we will be in touch via email with a link to book a 20 minute session at a time that suits you.

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    About Hannah:
    Hannah is the In-House Naturopath at ImuPro. She began working with ImuPro in 2015 while completing her Bachelor of Health Science at Endeavour College of Natural Health. In the last few years she has worked clinically with a focus on overcoming food intolerances and addressing imbalances in the gut microbiome. Currently Hannah is completing post-graduate studies in psychology at Deakin with a vision to combine physical and mental health consultations for a holistic treatment approach.

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