With ImuPro, you can explore whether or not elevated IgG antibodies against specific foods could indicate the cause of certain symptoms. Together with your test results, you will receive comprehensive nutritional guidelines explaining your results and how to incorporate them into your lifestyle.

The nutritional guidelines contain three important building blocks, known as the ImuPro Concept.

3-cubes_phase_1-to-3Elimination Phase
During the elimination phase, you may consume all the foods without raised levels of IgG antibodies in a 4-day rotation cycle.  This helps to prevent the development of new delayed food allergies and malnutrition.  All foods with high levels of IgG antibodies are avoided during this phase.  By avoiding them, inflammatory processes can be reduced or even stopped.

Provocation Phase
After the elimination phase, you start a provocation diet and gradually include the avoided foods one by one.  The provocation phase helps to find your personal trigger foods.  Only one new food at a time should be reintroduced in order to find out whether it might be responsible for your complaints.

Stabilization Phase
During the stabilization phase, the trigger foods identified in the provocation phase are avoided for at least one year so that the IgG antibodies can degrade and your body can recover.  Then you may start another provocation phase.  You may find that there are one or two foods that you will have to avoid permanently. IgG reactive foods which did not cause a reaction during Phase 2 can be reintroduced in a 4-day rotation cycle.

Take one of these steps right now to discover what may be causing your symptoms.