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LipoScan Bundle

The LipoScan Bundle includes:

Oxidated LDL Test
The Oxidated-LDL Test offers analysis of arteriosclerosis risk and possible therapy through the identification of oxidised LDL cholesterol particles, determining your actual cardiovascular risk.

Fatty Acid Status Test
The Fatty Acid Status test determines your pro- and anti-inflammatory status by differentiation of saturated, mono-unsaturated, poly-unsaturated and trans fatty acids in your blood serum. This is the only test of its kind available in Australia.

LipoScan test
The LipoScan test reveals your true cholesterol risk by going deeper than ordinary tests and analysing LDL ‘sub-fractions’. LDL sub-fractions are a type of fat particle in your blood. These particles are absorbed by cells in the blood vessel wall and may contribute to arterial plaque build-up or coronary artery disease. LDL sub-fractions can conceal a high-risk cholesterol problem – even when your overall level of LDL cholesterol is “normal.”

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$499.00 AUD

In this bundle you will receive
  • 1

    A therapist's report outlining the results of your blood serum analysis - it is recommended this is taken to your practitioner for further advice on treatments or follow up

  • 2

    A patient's booklet explaining your results

  • 3

    Full therapist report based on analysis of your blood serum. You may like to take your results to your Practitioner.

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