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IgE Allergy Testing – 20 Allergens

Type 1 Allergies are not to be confused with Type 3 Allergies (IgG mediated, food intolerance).  When a Type 1 Allergy exists, a person will experience immediate and often severe reactions, usually within minutes of coming into contact with the offending food or allergen:

  • Hives or skin rash
  • Itchy skin
  • Swelling of the lips, face, throat
  • In severe cases, anaphylaxis

Traditionally, IgE mediated allergies would be tested with the skin prick or ‘scratch’ method.  ImuPro offers a less invasive alternative by testing for IgE allergies with a simple blood test.  We can offer testing for 10 or 20 individual allergen triggers, which you can select off a comprehensive database incorporating hundreds of food, environmental and household allergens.

Please note IgE testing (for Type 1 Allergies) will not pick up any IgG mediated intolerances (Type 3 Allergies), just like an IgG test will not pick up your Type 1 Allergies.  You might like to enquire with ImuPro if you aren’t sure which test is suitable for you.

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$420.00 AUD

  • 1

    An analysis of your blood sample to determine if allergy present to 20 of your chosen allergens

  • 2

    Option to upgrade to further testing if required as your blood serum will be held in frozen storage for 6 weeks

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