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Fructose Intolerance Testing

Fructose intolerance is classed as a “pseudo-allergic reaction” because it does not actually involve the immune system at all. Fructose intolerance occurs when the fructose (sugars) in food is not absorbed properly in the small intestine.  The undigested fructose is then carried on to colon where it is fermented by the body’s normal bacteria causing the intestine to swell and produce gastro intestinal complaints such as bloating, cramping, gas and diarrhoea.  Fructose intolerance is really localised in the gut and does not initiate the release of IgG antibodies, so it is not the same as an IgG food intolerance to food proteins. Often people believe fructose to be their problem when actually it is specific food proteins which are the culprits of various symptoms. ImuPro is detecting type 3 food allergies which can lead to inflammation in various tissues of the body, not just the gut.

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Do Certain Foods Cause You Pain, Discomfort or Embarrassing Health Problems?

Perhaps you’ve struggled to get an accurate diagnosis for your symptoms? Or maybe you simply don’t feel 100% and you’re not sure why?

You’re not alone. According to the New South Wales Health Authority, up to 25% of Australians suffer from some kind of food intolerance or allergy. Symptoms for those affected range from mild discomfort through to severely debilitating reactions.

Despite the widespread problem, if your doctor does not ask the right questions or run the right tests, chances are your condition will remain undiagnosed… This can mean years of agonising pain, embarrassment and frustration. Fortunately, the solution could be more simple than you imagine.

Finally, A Way To Get Concrete Answers On What’s Affecting Your Health And Well-Being

Our food allergy intolerance test is one of the most comprehensive of its kind on the planet. We often hear stories about patients who have struggled for years without a clear diagnosis.

Our comprehensive test can identify the root cause of your illness and reduce your symptoms almost instantly.

With just one simple blood test, ImuPro allows you to finally enjoy maximum freedom from food intolerances (while still enjoying the widest variety of foods possible!). It’s already used and trusted by GPs, Naturopaths and Dieticians worldwide.

We Have A Range Of Tests To Suit Every Patient’s Budget

Our Reliable Results: Unlike other food allergy and intolerance tests, ImuPro analyses and tests your blood using the medically-validated ELISA method. With your one single blood sample, ImuPro analyses up to 270 tiny separate samples for maximum accuracy and reliable results.

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How Does ImuPro Compare? VS

Other Intolerance test.

  • Hair Analysis: There is no evidence that hair analysis can detect food intolerances. Several studies confirm that results are unreliable.
  • Skin-Prick Tests: Accurate for allergies, skin-prick tests cannot identify IgG food intolerances.
  • Elimination Diets: Impossible to know exact intolerances. Patients can eliminate essential nutrients unnecessarily.
  • IgG Test Kits: Test results can vary widely, foods tested are limited, and it’s impossible to separate some food groups (i.e. nuts).
  • Cytoxic Testing: High risk of invalid results, as it tests unstable neutrophils. Drugs or infections can impact the results.

ImuPro Intolerance Test.

  • ImuPro® tests blood serum only. It’s as easy for the patient as a blood test.
  • Reliable analysis with the ELISA test method. For maximum accuracy, we analyse 270 tiny separate samples for intolerances from your one blood sample with our ImuPro Complete test.
  • Each food is individually tested. Results are hyper-specific to individual foods, so you only need to eliminate exact ingredients.
  • Results are highly reproducible and validated in clinical studies.
  • Tested in high-quality laboratories, with strict quality controls to ensure your results are reproducible.
  • Fully personalised results. Receive fully individualised recommendations with your comprehensive results (including your own recipe books and patient manual).

Why Choose ImuPro

Live a healthier life with our definitive food allergies and intolerance solutions.
It Works
  • Get your blood sample easily from a local pathologist (1,214 over Australia).
  • Comprehensive analysis for food intolerances in our ImuPro laboratories.
  • Personalised results sent to you. Including comprehensive report, recommendations, personalised recipes, and a patient manual.
  • Start your new diet and a healthier, happier lifestyle.
It's Accurate
  • With just one simple blood test, ImuPro Complete fully analyses your blood for 270 individual intolerances – so you can still enjoy the widest variety of foods possible.
  • Hyper-specific food recommendations
  • Uses the medically-validated ELISA Method
  • Strictly quality-controlled laboratories
  • Used worldwide by GPs, naturopaths & dieticians
  • Validated by clinical trials
It's Individual
  • Fully personalised feedback and recommendations. Better adjust your diet if necessary… all with the least effort possible.
  • Individualised patient manual & diet plan. Transition more easily to a healthy & happy lifestyle with ImuPro’s help.
  • Receive your own custom recipe book. Keep enjoying delicious foods in your diet, with custom recipes that don’t include foods you’re intolerant to.

Glenda, Northern NSW

Glenda had tried everything now she's health, happy - and a size 12

Glenda suffered from Diabetes Type 2, taking daily medication and was a regular size 12… until around 10 years ago, when she started to suffer from severe bloating – taking her to a size 22. After visiting her GP, trying different antibiotics and medications, and even special diets…Glenda tried the ImuPro test and found she was intolerant to 37 foods. After starting the ImuPro diet, Glenda lost 9 kilos in 3 weeks! Her bloating decreased, she looked healthier – and her blood sugar levels even returned to normal…and her GP gave her the “OK” to stop taking her diabetes medication.

Now: Glenda is back to a size 12 and feels healthy and happy. She’s still off her diabetes medication, her bloating is gone, and her blood sugar levels are normal again.

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