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Identify if histamine intolerance could be responsible for your symptoms, with therapeutic options to get you back on track.


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Reveal your true cardiovascular risk, oxidisation of LDL particles, and suggested action or therapy.


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Receive your unique profile of all the fats in your blood serum including the ratio of essential fatty acids.


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This stool test examines the DNA of your gut bacteria and identifies species linked to leaky gut, inflammation, metabolic syndrome, autoimmunity and many other conditions.


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A personalised report covering over 37 highly researched genes relating to fitness, heart health, weight management, vitamin metabolism and more.


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It is quite easy to take the ImuPro test. It only requires a blood sample which will be sent to a specialised lab where it will be analysed. In just a few simple steps, you will have your ImuPro results emailed directly to you or your referring Practitioner

Get your blood drawn at Pathology
ImuPro lab performs your test
Receive your personal test results and comprehensive documents
Plan and begin your diet change!

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