Vivienne Lowther, Auckland NZ

Vivienne (58 years old) suffered from fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, muscular pain and bloating for many years. There was no medication that Vivienne was able to respond to and gradually her symptoms got worse. Her doctors described her condition as a result of depression.

After doing the ImuPro300 test Vivienne found that she reacted to 45 different foods. She began keeping a food diary and after 1 week noticed a significant improvement in her pain level and recurrence of migraines.

Vivienne found the rotation diet difficult to adhere to at first and by the 3rd week found herself straying to some of the old comfort foods she actually reacted to. It wasn’t long before her symptoms of back/joint pain, tiredness, headache and constipation returned.

Vivienne finally decided to heed her own warnings of what she had learnt and seriously commit to her dietary recommendations. Her symptoms have drastically reduced and she now describes her pain level as being reduced from 9 to 4.