Ross O’Brien, Auckland NZ

Over the last few years I had been suffering from what seemed like a reaction to environmental pollens and grasses. I displayed allergy symptoms of running eyes, sinus, recurring throat and chest infections. Along with this I kept putting on weight with fluctuations of up to 2kgs in a 24 hour period. Despite numerous visits to Immunologists and ENT Specialists and many doses of antibiotics the situation did not improve, i.e. treating the symptoms not the cause.

I was informed of Imupro by a work colleague whose daughter was seriously ill but after her blood test had a full recovery with diet change. My blood test revealed intolerance to 11 foods the main being egg yolk and white, oats and barley. I changed my diet as per your instructions and the results were amazing.

Within three days all symptoms had disappeared and I lost a kilo in weight each week for the first five weeks. The weight has now stabilised and as long as I don’t stray off the diet remain symptom free. Whilst not being a heavy drinker I did enjoy a glass of red wine but in recent times would feel unwell after a glass. To my surprise I discovered there is egg in most wine!!

I can’t thank you enough for changing my life. I just wish I had known of ImuPro a lot earlier. I have been spreading the word this side of the Tasman and I know several I have told have had the test done. As for my family the results are now in and whilst early days diet change is starting to show good results.

Finally I would like to compliment you on the way the result package is presented. Besides the intolerances, quantity and severity, the amount of useful information is very comprehensive. I have found it easy to follow and overall keep to the diet plan.

Overall I am so happy with the results ImuPro have provided and consider money well spent.