Nik Apostolou, Melbourne VIC

Nik (40 years old) had been suffering severe diarrhoea attacks for the last 6 years. Although he thought it must have been something he was eating he was never sure of the offending food. Nik often woke up bloated in the morning and would attribute that to just overeating. However, even when he cut down on his food intake he still found the same symptoms.

Nik then went to his doctor and was referred to a gastroenterologist. He undertook several tests including a colonoscopy. Nik was diagnosed with Diverticulitis. He was then referred to a dietician who recommended he cut out gluten. Nik tried this for 10 weeks and found no relief.

Nik then went about doing his own research and came across the ImuPro test. When his results came back he found that he had intolerances to 30 foods.

After the first week of the rotation and elimination diet he was symptom free but thought it could be just luck. He continued on for another 2 weeks and then decided to challenge the diet by introducing some of the ‘problem foods’ – his symptoms soon reappeared. It was then that he adhered to the rotation plan and ate only what he could.

After 6 months on the ImuPro diet, Nik lost 10 kilos which he says is due to a “combination of food rotation and exercise”. He is a very happy man!