Michelle McLean, Sydney NSW

Michelle (27 years old) is a young mother with one child. She had been suffering from constant bloating after eating, and a general feeling of tiredness. Michelle was often told that it was probably her busy lifestyle contributing to her lack of energy, but she always felt that her food and diet must somehow be a contributing factor.

Michelle followed a fairly healthy eating plan having oats or muesli with milk everyday followed by a piece of toast. She would often have a salad for lunch and some fruit and a few nuts for an afternoon snack. Dinner was always healthy, including meat or fish with vegetables. Even still, Michelle would feel lethargic a few hours after eating and always had gastro intestinal symptoms.

Michelle’s results showed a strong intolerance to cow’s milk and all of the gluten grains. She also found that she could not tolerate almonds, egg white or brussel sprouts.

Michelle immediately changed her breakfast to include Rice Milk or Soy Milk and then would rotate her breakfast to include fruits, corn products, and gluten free cereals with apple juice and sheep’s milk yoghurt.

After one week Michelle couldn’t believe the change in her body and how much more energetic she felt. Her bloating and gastro symptoms had all but disappeared. Michelle says “After 3 months I feel fantastic”. Michelle is looking forward to having another baby in the future.