Jenny Marshall – Mount Gambier SA

Thanks so much for my results.  They answer so many questions.  I have eliminated the elevated and highly elevated foods from my diet over the past few weeks and have found a marked difference.  I have been suffering with lower gut pains for years and it is so nice to finally understand why.  My gut pains have gone, along with joint pain and flu-like symptoms. My neuropathic pain has also reduced a great deal.  I cannot tell you how much better I feel and how grateful I am for the results.

I had also been suffering from headaches and backaches before changing my diet.  This all went with the diet change.  Also, I found in the first three days I sweated at nights and went to the toilet a lot.  In the first week I had lost a great deal of fluid and the result of the diet was already evident.  The pains, heaviness and negativity I was experiencing seemed like bad PMT.  I often assumed I was just hormonal.  The gut pains worsened when I had my period.

My concentration is amazing. Before the diet change I would be distracted by the pain and fought to suppress my mood. I found the stress would set off my adrenaline. It is just so much easier. It is amazing! Now I can now enjoy teaching which I love. My other work is so much easier too. I’m an accountant and often need to give quick responses in board meetings and when explaining issues to my clients. My concentration is so much better. My mind is clearer.

I’m just so happy as life has become so much easier and enjoyable. I have also found that I can now live in the present. The pain had been so bad that I would focus on anything but the present moment.

Thank you!