John and Jan Dods, VIC

Recently, I contacted you in the faint hope that you might be able to help with the very severe allergic reaction/rash of my wife Jan, to certain substances, accompanied by incredible itching over most of the body. Recently there has been no sleep on most nights and we were at the desperation stage…

Jan and I had numerous consultations with a variety of Drs over the last 12 months- and had made an appointment with a dermatologist – who wasn’t available until September 2015. The final straw for us came when the condition became so bad I took her to the casualty department of our local hospital on a weekend.

The Doctor visited, examined her yet again, thought for a few moments, and then proclaimed “I don’t know, take this single Valium and go home”.

This we did and I began further investigation on the web. Using a few different terms, I arrived at your own website – and began reading…it all sounded too good to be true.

A couple of friendly calls to your organisation later and we signed up for the ImuPro 100 test – which wasn’t the least expensive test we’ve ever had, but never mind, this was desperation.

The Results

Excitedly, we made an appointment to see the Dr.  On arrival, I think he was more excited than we were.  He went through the report and read out the now identified substances – basically egg and gluten.

Now two days into a new diet, all symptoms have subsided and only the scarring remains to heal.

Jan is overjoyed after going through this last 12 months of agony and having it all suddenly resolved by your identification service.  How I wish we’d found out about that much earlier.

I feel the Dr should have at least known about your service.

So, this is in the form a huge “THANK YOU” to all involved in the diagnosis. It was truly a brilliant effort, a remark made by the Dr himself.