case study glenda

Glenda, Northern NSW

Glenda (62 years old) suffered from Diabetes Type 2, taking daily medication for her illness. For most of her adult life she was a regular size 12, but around 10 years ago she begun suffering from severe bloating – some mornings she would have breakfast and by 10am had ballooned to a size 22 around the stomach.

After visiting her GP and trying many different antibiotics and medications, seeking advice from friends and colleagues, and even trying a special Vietnamese diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, Glenda heard about the ImuPro food intolerance test through a friend and decided to give it a go.

Glenda’s ImuPro results showed an intolerance to 37 foods – some of these were common foods like cow’s milk, gluten and eggs, but some were much more obscure foods such as chickpeas, almonds and soy.

3 weeks after starting the ImuPro diet, Glenda had lost 9 kilos. Her bloating had decreased, and she noticed a significant glow to her skin, eyes and hair. As well as this, Glenda’s blood sugar levels were back to normal and she was even given the OK by her GP to stop taking her Diabetes medication! The only time she has noticed an increase in her symptoms was when she slipped and ate something she wasn’t supposed to.

Glenda says “while changing my diet so significantly was a huge challenge in the beginning, I’ve actually really enjoyed discovering new foods, and seeking new recipes or variations on the old ones. ” Glenda was pleasantly surprised at the range of foods available in supermarkets to people who suffer from food intolerances.

3 months later, Glenda is back to wearing size 12 pants all day! She has lost centimeters off her bust, waist, and hips. She says she has never felt better! An athletic person in her youth, Glenda recently went for her first run in years and is very much looking forward to an active, healthy lifestyle thanks to her decrease in health problems since being on the ImuPro diet.