Dr Nicholas J Barker – Redcliffs, Victoria

I was delighted to receive my results from Imupro recently. I was very impressed by the comprehensive nature of the analysis. As a practicing G.P. ordering pathology tests all the time, one expects a brief set of figures with very little in the way of discussion. This is not the case however with Imupro.

The food intolerance chart is incredibly detailed, covering some 271 separate items.  Reading it is not a daunting task, in fact it is very “user friendly”.  The format is set out in an easy to read style.  The food items are subdivided into related groups.  The severity of the reaction is colour-coded enabling one to skip sections and home in on the significant items.  This style enables the patient to grasp quickly the fundamental points during the consultation thereby making the limited time more productive.

Equally as impressive are the follow-through booklets which accompany the results.  One booklet is devoted entirely to a discussion of each of the food and additives tested, where they originate and more particularly, where they could be hidden.  This section appears written for the novice (like me) and broadens one’s understanding of the nature of the food we all consume…

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