Why we do what we do at ImuPro

At ImuPro, we’ve developed extremely accurate tests for people experiencing the symptoms of food sensitivity.  The symptoms can range from bloating to stomach pain and from indigestion to fatigue, skin conditions to joint paint. In some cases, food allergies and intolerances also lead to weight gain. And weight gain leads to additional medical issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Many patients have endured the affects of food intolerances for several years and have been unable to discover what’s been causing their health problems—even with the help of their doctor or health professional. Ultimately, the real reason we love what we do at ImuPro is helping people lead better lives. We love to hear success stories—and we get them all the time from people who have been enduring gluten intolerance symptoms, lactose intolerance symptoms, wheat intolerance symptoms, and other food allergy symptoms and food intolerance symptoms. In this blog, you’re going to get to meet some of the people we have helped literally get their lives back.

We’re going to introduce you to a doctor who uses ImuPro for the fast and accurate diagnosis of food intolerance and food allergy issues. Plus you’re going to meet six ImuPro customers who, between them, have lost significant weight.

Dr. Thalmann in Hamburg, Germany started using ImuPro tests in September 2000. At first, he used the test to help patients who were suffering from the typical food allergy symptoms and food intolerance symptoms. He noticed that patients who avoided their ‘bad’ foods also lost considerable weight. So he started using the test to help patients who came to him hoping to lose weight.

Dr. Thalmann noticed that patients who wanted to lose weight did not have to go on a ‘starvation’ or ‘deprivation’ diet. They simply had to avoid the foods that were causing food intolerances. Thus his patients can avoid gluten intolerance symptoms, wheat intolerance symptoms, and lactose intolerance symptoms. Dr. Thalmann has successfully helped hundreds of patients lose weight by detecting food allergies and food intolerances. One reason is that avoidance of problem foods improves intestinal function and lowers stress on the body’s metabolism.

“People with excess weight lose weight up to their ideal weight without starving—if they consistently avoid incompatible foods,” wrote Dr. Thalmann.

Real People. Real Results. Better Quality of Life.

Meet some ImuPro patients who discovered their food intolerances and food allergies and changed their lives.

Glenda from Northern NSW was suffering from Type 2 diabetes. She also suffered from severe bloating—ballooning from size 12 to size 22 around the waist. After taking an ImuPro test, Glenda discovered she was intolerant to 37 foods including almonds and soy.

After just three weeks avoiding problem foods, Glenda had lost 9 kilos. And her blood sugar levels returned to normal and her doctor took her off diabetes medication. After three months, Glenda was back to wearing size 12 pants.

Michelle from Sydney NSW is a young mother (27). She suffered from constant bloating and was always tired—even though she ate a healthy, balanced diet. Her ImuPro test showed intolerances to cow’s milk and gluten. Other ‘culprits’ included almonds, egg white, and Brussel sprouts.

After changing her diet, Michelle got her energy back and the bloating is gone. She also lost weight.

Vivienne from Auckland NZ was dealing with fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, muscular pain, and bloating. Her doctors diagnosed depression. The problem, as she discovered after taking the ImuPro300 test, was she reacted negatively to 45 foods. After adjusting her diet, her pain levels have decreased and she’s lost weight.

Julie from Sydney NSW had gained weight and went from a size 8 to a size 12. She also felt bloated after most meals. The ImuPro300 test revealed 29 food intolerances. After adjusting her diet, she’s back to being a size 8.

Nik from Melbourne VIC had been running to the men’s room frequently. He also suffered from severe bloating. He tried eating less but the same food intolerance problems arose. His doctor misdiagnosed the problem. He took the ImuPro300 test and discovered he had intolerances to 30 foods. Nik is back to normal and he lost 10 kilos.

Retiree Monica from Sydney NSW had gained a lot of weight and was lacking energy. Through the ImuPro300 test, she discovered she had 69 intolerances. After changing her diet, she lost 6.5 kilos and enjoys a part-time job on Sundays.

Back to Germany… in addition to helping people lose weight, Dr. Thalmann also discovered that changing a patient’s diet based on food intolerance and allergy intolerance testing helped patients with other health issues:

  • Elevated uric acid levels
  • Intestinal inflammations
  • Migraine
  • Muscle tension
  • Hay fever
  • Diabetes Type 2
  • Atopy
  • Neurodermatitis
  • Eczema and/or exanthema

If you’re having health issues, especially digestive issues, and you’re not having an easy time finding a diagnosis, then a food allergy or a food intolerance test from ImuPro is a good first step to leading a healthier—and thinner—life.