What to cook for a Gluten intolerant guest

Although hosting a dinner party is something people have been doing for many years, there are many things that a host must now take into consideration before deciding what to serve. Gone are the days when a menu could be planned without checking to see if there were any dietary requirements. Although there are many types of food intolerances, gluten intolerance is one of the most common and since gluten appears to be in absolutely everything, this can often send us into a spin trying to work out what to have in replacement!

What is Gluten Intolerance? When someone is gluten intolerant, they have a sensitivity to eating foods that contain gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, oats, barley and rye, and can cause uncomfortable symptoms such as bloating, cramps, abdominal pain, diarrhea, headaches and more… the best way for gluten intolerant people to avoid these unpleasant symptoms is simply for them to avoid any foods that contain gluten.

Fortunately for our gluten intolerant friends, gluten-free foods are becoming easier to find. Restaurants and cafes will almost always have GF options, and most supermarkets have an entire section devoted to gluten-free products!

Still though, it can be difficult to cater for gluten intolerant guests when planning a dinner party for multiple people…

What to Cook for a Gluten Intolerant Guest

If your dinner party includes a guest who is gluten intolerant, then you’re going to need to take this into consideration when planning the menu… And it won’t be as difficult as you may think!

Although you’re going to have to eliminate foods that contain wheat, oats, barley and rye, there are many substitutes you can use, such as amaranth, cornmeal, soy flour, rice flour, quinoa, tapioca, and more. For a delicious bread choice, try baking with mesquite flour. Delicious!

If you want to keep things simple, here are few tasty ideas for serving gluten-free foods at your next dinner party:

Gluten Dinner: Chicken with pasta | Substitute: Chicken with quinoa, white beans and tomatoes

Gluten Dinner: Shrimp and pasta | Substitute: Shrimp with rice and vegetables

Gluten Dinner: Steak sandwiches | Substitute: Lose the bread! Go naked (bun-free), or try steak with spaghetti squash, and serve with a yummy chickpea, tomato and feta salad on a bed of greens

Try this delicious Mediterranean Quinoa Salad to accompany your main meal!

Here are some other easy fun, gluten-free dinner ideas:

After a Winter Warmer?  You really can’t go wrong with roast meat and baked vegetables on cold nights – there’s a reason it’s a time honoured favourite!

Hooray for BBQ season! Why not grill some delicious meat or seafood, marinated in a GF sauce, and serve with refreshing summer salads?

Feeling festive? Try a fun party favourite like Burritos (in GF wraps), or Nachos (with GF Corn Chips)!

Did you know…

Gluten is found mostly in pastas and breads, but can also be hidden in sauces, seasonings and stuffings. Also, be careful to not cross-contaminate any gluten foods with gluten-free foods when preparing the food. Remember to look on the packages to make sure it states that the food is actually gluten-free, which makes it easy to find new foods to try!  Good luck!