Is 100% Avoidance of Intolerant Foods Necessary?

A problem many people with food intolerances find is that it is difficult to avoid some foods altogether. For example, many meals – and also processed foods – may contain a food or ingredient which causes reactions. This problem is made even worse when dining out or travelling.

Of course, the best way to deal with any food intolerance is to avoid the offending food 100% of the time. This task is made easier if you identify the specific food intolerance. The ImuPro test enables this by discovering the IgG antibodies that the immune system is producing. These IgG positive results won’t tell you which food definitely produces specific symptoms, but these foods will always be related to inflammation.

You might find that you suffer one or more symptoms, and you’ll need to discover which foods are responsible. In order to do this, it’s imperative to avoid possible problem foods completely for a minimum of 2-3 months

During this time, your body will stabilise and symptoms may disappear by then reintroducing the possible problem foods one at a time, you’ll find out the specific food causing your symptoms.

What about foods that don’t cause symptoms of intolerance?

The ImuPro test helps to identify possible problem foods through a systematic approach after first discovering the IgG antibodies produced by the immune system. Just because you don’t exhibit symptoms of the intolerance doesn’t mean internal (and therefore invisible) inflammation isn’t occurring.

This is why our scientific advisor, Dr Camille Lieners, advises avoidance of possible problem foods, though states an occasional intake is not likely to have a dramatic effect.

However, if weight loss is your agenda you will notice that the rate of weight loss will slow down, or even stop, if avoidance isn’t 100%.

But, as Dr Lieners says, “At the end it is very individual, and also depending on the amount of forbidden food or ingredients and the frequency of ingestion. In any case it is better to stick to the diet, even if you cannot comply 100% – rather than do nothing.”