IgG Food Allergy and Chronic Pain


Are you suffering from chronic pain, migraine or fibromyalgia? Are you fed-up taking heavy medications with considerable side effects? Do you want to get to the root of your complaints? Are you seeking sustainable relief?

An IgG test might be the answer…

Genetic predisposition, environmental toxins, gastroenterological disorders, and particularly food, have all been explored as possible causes of chronic pain but the source of chronic pain often remains unclear and sustainable treatments hard to find.

Did you know that food may have several ways of interfering with your health?

This one pathogenic role is often dismissed. Food has the potential to induce inflammation in your body. It may contain toxic substances, food additives, or just be hard to digest. Unfortunately, IgG mediated immune response and the appearance of symptoms can be delayed, with symptoms occurring up to 72 hours after consumption. This makes it nearly impossible to associate which food may be responsible for chronic pain symptoms. People have a habit of sticking to well-defined eating patterns. It’s easy and convenient for our busy lifestyles, but eating the same foods every day could be responsible for a myriad of health problems if you are continually consuming foods that cause inflammation. This is how you end up with a chronic inflammation, with the cause often overlooked. The consequence? Chronic pain.  An ImuPro IgG test can detect and identify the individual foods causing chronic inflammation as well as safe replacement foods that you can eat during your elimination diet.



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