IBS and Food Intolerance: 5 steps to an IBS free life

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is one of those diseases that will ruin your life if you let it. Until recently, it was thought that stress was the main factor behind IBS. ImuPro tests used by sufferers worldwide have helped dispel this theory.

One of those who have benefitted from the test is Sally, from the UK. Her life was so turned around after taking the ImuPro test and discovering her food intolerances that she posted about her experience here.

Having taken the ImuPro test, Sally cut out all the foods that were identified as inflammatory-causing, and then reintroduced them one by one. She found she was most intolerant to cow’s milk, followed by sour milk products, chicken eggs, and cheese. After years of suffering, and little help from her doctor, she now follows a diet without her problem foods and has been IBS free for months.

How to live an IBS free life

With ImuPro, you are just five steps away from an IBS free life

The ImuPro test is easy to take, requiring only a simple blood test. The blood is collected in a vial, and sent away for examination. Within 2 weeks, you’ll receive the results in an easy to understand format.

Armed with these results, the next step is to follow a rotation diet. You’ll remove all the foods that have been identified by the test as possible root causes of your IBS problem, with variety and nutritional value guaranteed by rotating all the remaining foods, and perhaps introducing new foods never eaten before.

After a few weeks, your symptoms can start to disappear. No more running to the toilet, paralysing stomach cramps, diarrhea, followed by bouts of constipation, etc.

It’s at this stage you’ll begin reintroducing the eliminated foods into your diet. By doing this in turn, one food at a time, you’ll soon discover the exact foods which cause your IBS. As soon as the offending food items are added back into your diet, you’ll know all about it!

Having discovered your food intolerance, you can eliminate it completely and return to a more healthy diet. No more IBS, all thanks to a small blood sample and the technology behind the ImuPro test.