Food Intolerance and Food Allergy Testing

ImuPro are pleased to announce the launch of their new Food Intolerance and Food Allergy Testing Blog.

Did you know that approximately 45% of people have an intolerance to a food or additive, and the majority of those people are unaware that an intolerance exists?

Many of these people suffer with chronic symptoms that could be reduced or eliminated by pinpointing the cause of the problem through food intolerance testing.

Over the coming months we will regularly update this blog with information about food intolerance symptoms (weight issues, skin conditions, gastro-IBS, hyperactivity) and provide you with valuable information about common food allergies (such as wheat, dairy and gluten etc).

If you have a spare moment, read this handy Food Intolerance Fact Sheet (as seen on A Current Affair).

For more information about our Food Intolerance Testing Options, please do not hesitate to contact us direct.