Diagnose a Healthier You with Food Intolerance Testing

If you suffer from fatigue and yet find it hard to sleep, chances are that you have consulted with your doctor to try and find a solution but not yet considered food intolerance testing. In extreme cases you may have been referred to sleep specialists, or prescribed with sleeping pills. It is well documented that this sort of problem often walks hand-in-hand with other health issues such as gastrointestinal problems and irritable bowel syndrome. Left unchecked, it’s not unusual for depression to set in.

This is exactly how a 39 year old female patient was suffering. Her medical records told of a long history of fatigue and sleeplessness, coupled with a long list of abdominal and intestinal health problems. Finally, she decided to take the ImuPro300 test.

The results of her food intolerance test showed that she had a number of food intolerances. She was recommended to follow an elimination diet which cut out eggs, dairy products, peanuts, and cashews. It didn’t take long for the results to become apparent. Her gastritis and irritable bowel syndrome quickly disappeared. Within a short time she found she had more energy, was not fatigued during the day, and her performance in swimming competitions improved considerably. Now and again she lapses, or mistakenly eats one of her forbidden foods. Slowly, her symptoms return.

This patient’s symptoms of food intolerance are not uncommon. Family doctors are slowly becoming aware that a healthy diet is an individual regimen, and that our individual food intolerances can cause a number of health issues which pills and therapy cannot correct. Food intolerance testing is a simple solution with fast results.

Once food intolerance has been tested positive with the ImuPro300 test, an easy to follow elimination diet is recommended based on your results. Symptoms can disappear, and then the eliminated foods are slowly added back into the diet depending on the trigger levels of reaction. Mild reactions are added back first and then then stronger trigger reactions. Some people find that certain foods have to remain completely eliminated, while others are able to take a small amount of their favourite foods without symptoms reappearing.

We’re all different. Food intolerance testing identifies your food intolerance, and then the elimination diet customises the results. There is no need to suffer in silence, or undergo time consuming and futile medical tests. The benefit of food intolerance testing can be experienced within days. The ImuPro300 test is the first step to a healthier you. Why not take our free self-assessment and discover if you would benefit from taking food intolerance testing?