Causes of Eczema: Food Intolerances?

Even though there’s now a reason to believe that there’s a link between eczema and food intolerance, there isn’t a lot of emphasis being placed on these recent findings because they are so new. New research is showing that one can change their diet in order to find relief from eczema, which is great news for those who are suffering from this extremely irritating condition that causes skin to break out in red rashes.


Eczema normally shows up in babies, or very young children. Although it can subside as they grow, sometimes they’ll carry this condition with them throughout their entire lives. Outbreaks tend to occur on the face and hands, as well as the arms and legs (mainly found in or near creases). Outbreaks can also last for days, and even weeks, sometimes making it so that those who are suffering aren’t able to partake in their regular daily life activities.

Food Intolerance

Having a food intolerance means that your digestive system doesn’t like something in one or more of the foods you’re choosing to eat. When you eat this particular food, your body isn’t able to break it down, which can lead to one experiencing a lot of uncomfortable, and even painful, symptoms. These symptoms can include stomach aches, gas, diarrhea, headaches, and more.

Eczema and Food Intolerance

When someone has a food intolerance, their body isn’t able to fully break down these foods. This means the food is only partially digested, which means that it will begin to leak into the bloodstream. Our bodies don’t like it when this happens, and will react by engaging your immune system to get rid of this unwanted invasion.

This reaction causes the body to become inflamed, which can cause eczema. This inflammation can also cause rheumatoid arthritis, respiratory congestion, gastro intestinal conditions, headaches, colitis, and more.

Bottom Line

Eating a certain food that one’s body may not be able to tolerate can lead to many health-related problems, such as eczema. The high prevalence of illnesses and ailments in today’s world has made it so that more and more research is being done on foods and how they affect our bodies. Although it’s unfortunate that we have to be so concerned and so careful when we choose the foods we want to eat nowadays, it’s good to know that the solution to these problems are not only being sought after, but found, which should be somewhat reassuring.