Post-test FAQ’s: Alcohol and Caffeine

We hear this question a lot: “Can I still have alcohol or coffee while on my ImuPro diet?”.  In this article we explain the why’s and why not’s of these semi-luxuries.

Alcoholic beverages should be avoided during the first stage of your ImuPro diet (the Elimination Phase), while the immune system is stabilising.  Subsequently, you may allow yourself a glass of dry or sparkling wine now and then.

ImuPro testing does not analyse the beverages themselves, but their ingredients such as grapes, cereals, yeast, malt etc.  If you have increased quantities of IgG antibodies to any of these ingredients, you will have to completely do without the beverages during your elimination.

Caffeine is a semi-luxury as well.  The roasting substances contained in coffee in particular can have an irritating effect on the intestinal mucosa which increases the permeability of the intestine for foodstuffs.  Roasting substances also increase acid production in the stomach which can lead to heartburn, bloating and tummy sickness.  This can also strain the intestinal mucosa.

Past experience with ImuPro has shown that doing without coffee during the 5 week elimination period can have a positive effect so it is recommended to avoid coffee even if no reaction was detected in the test, to help the body’s detoxification. If you are normally a coffee or soft-drink (Cola for e.g.) drinker it would be worthwhile to reduce intake to maximum 2 cups per week at least for the 5 week elimination period (but it is best to avoid caffeine altogether, if you can!).

If you are going cold turkey and you do find yourself craving a hot drink in lieu of coffee, it would be best to change over to herbal or fruit infusions.  The stimulating effect of caffeine can also be obtained by drinking black tea – however this should be drunk in rotation and not every day.

As always, any questions about your ImuPro diet or results can be freely asked of your ImuPro Team.  In the meantime, good luck and good health!