The ImuPro300 Test

ImuPro300 is the most accurate and detailed ‘Next Generation’ food intolerance test available anywhere in the world.
The ImuPro300 test includes detailed analysis of your reaction to 270 common problem foods including meats, vegetables, fruits and dairy, plus a large number of spices, thickening agents and preservatives.

In order to establish the presence of food intolerances, a blood test is taken; the blood is then analysed to ascertain whether elevated levels of IgG antibodies to food or additives are present

The steps:
  1. As soon as you order Imupro300, we will send you a Patient Kit, which includes a pathology request form and paperwork with full instructions on how to proceed with the test. (You can order and pay online – it’s that easy!)
  2. After completing your Patient Kit, you will send us your small blood sample.
  3. The blood sample is then sent to the ImuPro laboratory in Germany where extensive testing detects intolerances to any one of 270 foods or additives.
  4. You will receive your personal test results, a personalised diet plan, and a recipe book within 10-14 days of the blood being sent to Germany.
  5. Our customer care team are always available for follow up if you have any questions about your new dietary recommendations.
  6. For a limited time the cost of the Imupro300 test is AUD$795
  7. Order your test below or please contact us here for more information or call us now on 1300 481 151
Embrace The Changes

ImuPro 300 TestThe modifications to your diet may at first prove difficult however over time you will become accustomed to them and will reap the rewards of improved health. Before taking the ImuPro300 test it is important to be aware that you may need to implement some changes to your diet; discipline is important; if you only partially follow the dietary recommendations you will only achieve partial success in improving your health. Dietary changes should be viewed in a positive light; try new meals adding variety to your diet by introducing new food types.

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