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Deliver Fast And Effective Results For Your Patients By Diagnosing Type III Food Allergies With Advanced IgG Testing

As a medical doctor or alternate health practitioner, no doubt you are well aware of the impact food intolerances can have on the health of sufferers, and how easily the condition can be managed once the cause has been identified.

The challenge is how to efficiently pinpoint what is causing the intolerance, without relying on restrictive diets to which many patients find it difficult to adhere.

The ImuPro300 test is Australia and New Zealand’s most advanced and comprehensive type III IgG allergy test, pinpointing which of 270 trigger foods may be causing symptoms.This means food intolerances can be identified with greater precision, potentially reducing or eliminating symptoms with minimal disruption to the patient’s normal diet. ImuPro tests IgG and all its subclasses.

Before undergoing the ImuPro300 test, patients have the option of first taking the ImuPro100 test – which tests for the 90 most common food allergens. From a single blood sample, a patient can be retested on the ImuPro300 if further testing is required within 6 weeks…making it easier and cost-effective for your patients.

ImuPro Successfully Applied
In Clinical Consultation

Every practice has them: Challenging patients who present to you with a set of persistent, chronic symptoms. They’ve tried everything to get relief and nothing seems to help. Your practice is probably no exception.

ImuPro can help you and even your most challenging patients to discover the important link between what they are eating and how they are feeling.

With the diagnostic help of the ImuPro test, our growing network of physicians and natural health practitioners are delivering measurable relief to patients whose chronic symptoms prove to be the result of hidden food allergies.

If you are interested in incorporating ImuPro testing into your practice to accurately diagnose and effectively treat your patients suffering from type III IgG allergies, ImuPro will provide you with extensive material for your patients, as well as professional advice to assist in providing a high standard of quality care for your patients.

How ImuPro Food Intolerance
Testing Works


ImuPro tests up to 270 specific foods. But it’s not just about the number of foods tested, it’s about accuracy. Our quality controlled labs ensure comprehensive and reliable results… so there’s no need for uncertainty or overly strict diets.


Unlike other food intolerance tests, ImuPro analyses and tests your blood using the medically -validated ELISA method. With your one single blood sample, ImuPro analyses 270 tiny separate samples for maximum accuracy and reliable results.


Patients receive fully personalised results and recommendations (including their own recipe book and diet plan!) so that they can better adjust your diet if necessary… all with the least effort possible.